Mobiltron brings together big data analytics and machine learning to build more secure and frictionless data-driven systems. Our technology enables data consumers and data producers to maximize their benefits.

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Trusted big data

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Machine learning

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Data Security & Privacy



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passiviD is a machine learning-powered platform that uses behavioral biometrics to transform smartphone-based user authentication into a continuous, frictionless, and private process. Smartphone apps connected to the passiviD platform deliver robust digital security and superior user experience.

Furthermore, applications that rely on user-generated data can leverage passiviD to ensure that the data feed comes from the authenticated individual and is not synthetic or fake.

Connect YOUR App to

the passiviD ecosystem and have your users install the passiviD companion app on your smartphone.

The companion app will manage the recording and processing of the users’ activity data for processing and authentication. YOUR App will be able to authenticate your users right away in a continuous and frictionless fashion, without asking your users for additional credentials.



Mobiltron’s team has a passion for building elegant data-driven solutions that work and help others address pressing problems. The core team includes experienced entrepreneurs with solid engineering backgrounds from MIT and other top universities worldwide, working closely together for several years.

We founded Mobiltron with the mission to mobilize intelligence. We initially set out to create WOVER, a personal emergency detection system that would keep people out of harm’s way. We were inspired by the fatal accident a close friend had while driving home from the airport after returning from an overseas trip. While building WOVER, we realized the importance of having individualized and trusted big data. Not being able to find an adequate solution, we subsequently pivoted to the development of passiviD, our passive authentication platform.


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